How does installation work?
-You don't need to be home when we install your new post.  We'll install your replacement  post where the old one used to be unless you tell us differently.  For new homes, we'll  install about 30" from the house side of the driveway.  All mailboxes are installed justified to the street to meet postal regulations and are neatly set with concrete. 

What about delivery?
- We offer delivery of the fully assembled product in the St. Louis metropolitan area for $20.00.  We'll leave it on the front porch unless you tell us differently.
Iron vs. Aluminum?
- Aluminum will never rust and is the lowest maintenance product.  Our aluminum products are powder coated, which is tougher and more durable than paint.
Wrought iron is heavier but will require more maintenance to stay looking good. But maintenance is easy.  Just take a few minutes with a can of spray paint and the post will look like new.
Many posts installed by us 30 years ago still look great.  Both aluminum and iron are permanent solutions and will be the last post you will need.
Is service available?
- We service what we sell.  The minimum charge to send a truck to your home for a repair, such as changing a mailbox or adding an address sign is $59.  A welding repair is $99. and includes touch up when possible.
Is this web site secure?
- This web site is secured.
Can I pay by check?
- Yes, mail your check to:  Mailboxes
                                           PO box 63
                                           Valley Park, Mo 63088
How soon can I get my new mailbox?
- Our products are ready in about 1 week.  The products coming from other manufacturers that we represent may require 2-3 weeks. Let us know if you need a temporary while you wait.


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